High School Application Documents

Academic Transcripts *

Medical Form (3 pages plus 1 page for immunizations)

Program Agreements * (Please sign all sections)

A Photo Album (of 6-10 pictures of you, your family and friends showing who you are and what you are like)

An ID Picture * (of your face smiling – please make sure you are not wearing sunglasses, are seen from the front and are showing a happy smile)

Passport Copy

*Items which are starred are required to be submitted at the time of application. Others may be submitted after initial application.

You will be asked to enter names and email addresses for two teachers (English teacher and one other) for recommendation letters. Also,  you will enter a parent’s name and email address for a recommendation. Hard copies of recommendation letters will not be needed if teachers and a parent are emailed.

Please share your account information (email & password) with your international partner/in-country agent. The final page is for them to email themselves the form to evaluate your English and upload your ELTiS test answer sheet.