“Work, Play, & Experience the US while a Camp Counselor!”


chip (1)Solema Soledadd Hernandez Mentado

Are you looking for something greater and more meaningful than working a normal summer job? Interested in an experience where you use your leadership skills, teach something that you know, and build friendships through teamwork?

The role of Camp Counselor at a US Summer Camp may be for you! As a Camp Counselor you will be placed at a youth-based summer camp for 9 to 10 weeks living, leading and teaching others, learning and practicing new skills, becoming an important member of a team, all the while making friendships and connections that may last a lifetime.

United Studies, Inc. has been placing J-1 participants with amazing summer camps across the US since the summer of 2015. We understand the unique experience and preparation necessary to become a part of camp for a summer season, if not for many, many seasons to come.