Who We Are

United Studies, Inc. has been placing J-1 participants with amazing summer camps across the US since the summer of 2015. We understand the unique experience and preparation necessary to become a part of camp for a summer season, if not for many, many seasons to come.

United Studies, Inc. is a small NGO non-profit US sponsor with 30 years of experience placing international participants within the High School visa program, as well as the more commonly known Summer Work and Travel program (Camp Support Staff). We have had the pleasure of working with the most reputable international agencies to facilitate the best placements at camp.

United Studies, Inc. working philosophy is to make sound practices based on ACA guidance and education, the safety and developmental needs of the participant, and Department of State regulations.

We believe in partnering with those organizations that continue to grow and see the benefit of welcoming a diverse cultural experience for every stakeholder (camper, counselor, kitchen worker).

What We Offer

Partners & Participants

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