Here are one page sneak previews of our incoming students. Each student has a longer, more in depth application as well. To learn more about the students please contact your local area representative or email us to be connected with an area representative in your area.

Potential host families can see student applicants’ photos after completing the host family application process and being approved to host.

The host family application process consists of:

  • Completing a Host Family Application
  • Submitting information for each adult in the household to undergo a Background check
  • Being interviewed in their home by an area representative
  • Providing personal references

Here you will find students who arrive in August for a semester or academic year. 

Chinese Students

Coming soon…

Italian Students

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Thai Students

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Bolivian Students

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Mexican Students

Carlos Sneak Preview

Eduardo Sneak Preview  pending placement

Ximena Sneak Preview  pending placement