Similar to the Academic Year or Semester Program but shorter; the Short Stay Program allows American host families a chance to glimpse the fun of hosting an exchange student. Due to United Studies’ small organizational size, we are able to offer our overseas partners greater flexibility in terms of program length, group size and host location.


  • Groups consist of 8-15 students from a single country
  • Students come to one metro area
  • Length of stay is generally 2 to 4 weeks
  • Most groups include a chaperon from the home country who travels with the students and can help with any issues that come up
  • A local activities coordinator will plan for weekly or bi-weekly fun, American activities to help the students connect with Americans in the local community
  • Student ages range from 12-17 though the majority are 13-14 years old
  • All students have a basic level of English, though a few will have more to learn than others

Host Families for the Short Stay Program are approved in the same way that families for the High School program are approved:

  • Completion of a Host Family Application
  • Background Checks for all those over 18
  • Checked references
  • A home visit by the activities coordinator
  • Families are able to choose their student from the students coming to the area.
  • All students must have their own bed and be provided with meals and a safe, caring environment.
  • Transportation to events is provided by host families and activities coordinators who will work to arrange carpools for those host parents who are busy.
  • Host families need not have children or be home during the day. Students come to experience a peek at American life, improve English and have a short adventure abroad.

Occasionally, individual students will come on short stay programs. These students are often looking to take ESL classes while living with an American host family.