U.S Holidays

The United States is a melting pot of culture. Throughout our population, there are thousands of different celebrations and holidays each year. Participants 23213116_1546188668749683_6557158315581127704_owill find  that some holidays offer a day off of work, while other holidays give them an opportunity to earn extra pay for working.

There are many holidays in the United States; the celebrations and observances of each can vary greatly by state or region.

To find out when holidays will occur, try this page.

For a little more in depth look at U.S. holidays see what wikipedia has to say.

Learn about your state

The United States is comprised of 22050888_1510501618985055_7048238277267279239_o50 individual states  and one capitol ~ Washington, DC. Every state is special and has a multitude of fun to offer. The link below will take you to see links to every state in the union. Take a look at your state-to-be to learn more about it.

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