United Studies brings employers and international students together, year-round! Your seasonal staffing needs are met for as long as four months with our Work and Travel Participants! We handle their insurance, paperwork, and we make sure they’re ready on arrival. We’re available 24/7 no matter what.

The best part? It’s free! Fill your seasonal employment positions without spending a dime….does it get better than that?!

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​The U.S. Department of State does place limitations​ on the types of employment for Work and Travel students.​

United Studies requires all employers to sign an agreement regarding employment conditions.


Occasionally, The Department of State will contact host organizations to confirm names of participants hosted and the job details. We ask that you follow these steps should you receive a call from the Department of State:

  • Identify the caller. Only release information to the Department of State. (Participant information is private, so do not release personal information to research or interest groups without an individual’s consent.)
  • Ask the caller to send you an email detailing the information requested. This email should come from a state.gov email address (not Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc).
  • Reply to the State Department email. Usually they are verifying the number of participants hired, names, and job information. Please follow up with the DOS, as host organizations who have not respond to these calls in the past received participant visa denials. In other words, if they do not hear back from you, the legitimacy of job offers may be questioned.
  • Let United Studies know if you have any questions regarding this job placement confirmation.  1-800-869-8585.
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