Call 9-1-1 and then call United Studies

If you are in need of IMMEDIATE EMERGENCY medical assistance call 911!

You will need to tell the dispatcher where you are and what is the nature of your emergency. If possible, have the address of your location or, if you are in an unfamiliar area, ask a bystander, look for street signs or other visible landmarks that can help identify your location. Help will be sent to you location, typically in 5-30 minutes depending on where you are. 911 will dispatch police, medical personnel or fire fighters to any emergency.​ Be as specific as you can when describing your situation and follow any instructions given to you by the dispatcher.

​Once the emergency is under control contact United Studies so that we can assess the situation and determine if further assistance is required. We can also assist in contacting your international program partner and your family.

Is This An Emergency​​​?

​You probably know what constitutes a medical emergency but in case you don’t here are some examples of when it is acceptable ​to call 911:

  • You are involved in or witness a car accident
  • You or someone else are attacked, robbed or are under imminent threat of physical harm
  • You are experiencing severe medical symptoms and are unable to get yourself to medical care
  • You witness a fire, robbery, mugging, murder or other crime

Only Call 911 In An Emergency

It is not funny when people call 911 for a laugh and doing so can get you in big trouble – it is a crime. Many towns will take punitive measures if someone is caught “prank-calling” emergency services. People call 911 all the time for real emergencies, and as each call is answered by a trained dispatcher, every unnecessary call takes help away from someone who actually needs it. If you misuse 911, you’re not just annoying a person, you’re hurting someone else!​

Non-Medical Emergencies

​You may encounter a non-medical emergency situation which requires outside assistance.

Contact United Studies email link or call 1-800-869-8585 immediately if:

  • You lose your passport or visa​
  • You miss your flight to or from the U.S.
  • You are detained at Customs when entering the U.S.
  • Your personal belongings are known to be stolen
  • You are lost and no one is around to assist you
  • You are removed from your living space
  • You are arrested (see US Laws​)

You may call our toll free number, 1-800-869-8585, at any time of day or night. If you call after hours, you will be directed to call another number for our answering service and they will pass your message along to the staff member on call who will return your call as soon as possible.