We cannot send program information to email addresses based outside the U.S. (for example: “.ru” or “.ca”) We are only able to send emails to addresses ending in “.com” “.net” “.org” “.edu” and a handful of others. It is very easy to establish a U.S. email account.

Set Up a Gmail Account

Gmail is one option for an acceptable email account. Please follow these simple instructions to create a gmail account so we can communicate important program updates and information via email.

  1. Go to Gmail.com​
  2. Click “Create an account” toward the bottom of the page
  3. Enter your First and Last name
  4. Choose your username (some names may already be taken and a red message will appear if this is the case; keep trying until you find one that works and that you can remember)
  5. Enter a password that meets the qualifications required and then enter it again: don’t forget it!
  6. Enter your birthdate and type the number or letters you see in the picture into the verification box.
  7. Accept the “Google Terms of Service” by pressing the box.

That’s it! Be sure to use this email address in your contact information when you check-in​.