So you’ve made it to the U.S. and you have to get to where you’ll be living. If your arrival airport is in the city where you’ll be working, a “taxi” (also known as a “cab”) will probably provide the simplest solution. You can always ask the taxi desk how much it should cost to get to an exact location or popular destination. If the taxi costs too much, you may be able to get a seat on a “ride-share” shuttle. These shuttles pick up a number of pre-arranged passengers, and then drop them off at their destinations, from closest to furthest away. You can get quotes and book seats on a shuttle prior to your arrival. See Super Shuttle for more information. Other options are Amtrack, Greyhound, Bolt​, and Megabus.

If you’re in a major metropolitan area, like Washington DC, New York City, or Chicago, there may be public transportation available. Public transportation can involve trains, buses or subways that travel specific routes. Pay close attention to maps at train stations and bus stops so you can find the correct route and get where you need to go. This can involve changing trains or buses and while it can get confusing there are attendants​ there to help. ​

Explore these links for information about transit systems in some larger cities:

Washington, DC
Baltimore, MD