The Department of State limits what jobs can be performed​ by Work and Travel students and United Studies​ reserves the right to deny any job that does not comply with our policies.​ ​​ If you accept a job listed here and do not inform us, you will be terminated from the program and have your DS2019 revoked.

Any person visiting the U.S. without a sponsor and the authorization provided by the DS2019 is here illegally.

Please review this list of jobs that United Studies​​ will not approve:

Specific​ Prohibited Jobs

  • Any job that could bring undue attention or disrepute to the Exchange Visitor Program
  • Jobs requiring licensing
  • Warehouse or order distribution centers
  • Manufacturing jobs
  • Traveling fairs/concessions
  • Chemical pest control​
  • Sales positions where the employee has to purchase inventory to sell
  • Work in private homes providing child care, elder care, landscaping or as a personal driver
  • Pedicab or rolling chair drivers or operators
  • Operators​ of vehicles or vessels which require a drivers’ license, whether or not there are passengers
  • Medical care positions that involve patient contact
  • Any position in the adult entertainment industry
  • Jobs that require work primarily between 22:00 and 06:00
  • Jobs labeled as hazardous to youth by the Secretary of Labor, Subpart E of 29 CFR part 570
  • Jobs that require consistent physical contact with other people (i.e. body piercing, tattooing, massage, manicure)
  • Commission-based jobs that do not guarantee participants will be paid federal and state minimum wage
  • Gaming and gambling jobs that involve direct participation in wagering/betting
  • Any job that has a specific “J” visa category (camp counselors, interns, trainees)

Other Types of Prohibited Jobs

  • ​Any job that displaces U.S. workers
  • Any job other than seasonal/temporary employment
  • Any job where the employer has had layoffs within 120 days prior to hiring
  • Any job where the employer has employees on strike
  • Any job must be approved by United Studies​ prior to the start date and United Studies​ must vet every employer.
  • A student is able to change jobs, but must give United Studies​ adequate prior notification.
  • Any student found working at a position not approved by United Studies​ will be terminated from the program.
  • There is very little chance that a student will be allowed to stay in the U.S. if terminated by their program sponsor therefore it is in the student’s best interest to comply.
  • If you have questions about a specific job and its acceptability, please contact us before pursuing employment.